Scrum Compass: What's New in the 2020 Version

In this article, you will learn how the Utture cards have changed after the latest update to the Scrum Guide 2020.

Scrum Compass is a set ofcards that serve as a visual guide to the Accountabilities in Scrum. Recently,a new version of the cards has been released, based on the latest updates tothe Scrum framework in 2020. In addition to a new graphic design, the number ofcards has been reduced to 20 for each of the Scrum accountabilities.

One of the major differencesin the new version is the inclusion of 10 accountabilities for the Scrum Teammanager role. Utture Practice also include 10 behaviors that we would like toeliminate from the Scrum Team manager role. Unfortunately, those behaviors arequite popular.  

I have decided to introducecards for the accountabilities of the Scrum Team manager because of the needfor this role in agile organizations. Although not explicitly mentioned in theScrum Guide, the role still exists in organizations, and its nature andaccountabilities have evolved.

The Scrum Compass cards canbe used independently and serve as the first level of the utture practice. Theycontain 10 cards for each of the Scrum Accountabilities and can be used toteach teams about Scrum.

The Utture Practice cardscontain other responsibilities and behaviors that are not necessarily desirablein a Scrum environment and that we would like to eliminate as they may bedetrimental to productivity in a Scrum Team.

Similar to the previousversion, the Utture Practice still contains five levels. As mentioned earlier,Scrum Compass serves as the first level of the practice, and the other levelsare similar to those in the previous version. The main difference is in thefifth level and the Accountability of the Scrum Team manager.

In conclusion, the newversion of Scrum Compass and Utture Practice cards provides an updated andstreamlined guide to the Accountabilities in Scrum. The inclusion of newaccountabilities for the Scrum Team manager role is a reflection of theevolving nature of agile organizations. The Utture Practice cards offer acomprehensive guide to eliminating undesirable behaviors and improvingproductivity in a Scrum team.

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