Unlock the potential of your Scrum Team with Utture Practice

Learn how to unlock the potential of your Scrum team with Utture Practice. This complementary tool to Scrum Compass cards offers five levels of difficulty, allowing you to adjust your practice to your current capabilities. By regularly practicing Utture, you can achieve mastery in Scrum, improve organizational culture, and increase motivation, focus, and productivity. Start practicing Utture today and unlock your potential as a Scrum practitioner.

Utture Practice is a complementary tool to the Scrum Compass cards, together making a complete set of 80 cards containing both scrum and non-scrum duties. The latter are often dysfunctional inorganizations striving to implement Scrum. The goal of Utture practice is to achieve mastery in Scrum and unlock the potential of those who use this framework. This is particularly important because improperly implemented Scrum often leads to undeserved criticism of the framework itself rather than the organizations that implement it.

Utture Practice consists of five levels, allowing for the difficulty level to be adjusted to current capabilities. Regular practice of Scrum application through Utture practice contributes to unlocking potential and achieving mastery in this area. Unfavorable organizational culture often leads to blocking employees' potential and can lead to discouragement, burnout, and in the worst case to resignation. Therefore, the use of Utture Practice can bring many benefits, such as increasing the value of products produced and creating a workplace where everyone wants to work.

Improving organizational culture with Scrum and Utture Practice

In many organizations where Scrum is not yet well-developed, erroneous expectations are placed on the Scrum Accountabilities and the managers of Scrum teams. Employee shave old habits, and well-worn patterns of behaviour make it very easy to fall into old ways. Therefore, anyone who wants to use Scrum effectively should reinforce the responsibilities required of them. The Scrum Guide clearly defines what we should be spending our time on. The Scrum Compass cards will remind you in a clear and speedy manner where to invest your energy to derive satisfaction from your work. Along with regular practice and the development of Scrum in the Organization, other non-Scrum tasks will be reduced or even render them unnecessary. Increasing the time spent by members of the organization on the accountabilities defined in the Scrum Guide will obviously have a positive impact on the organization's culture.

A way to foster motivate in a Scrum Team

Working in a Scrum team is great in many ways. One of them is that you can continuously learn while working and still get paid for it. Unfortunately, I have met many people who have rested on their laurels and fallen into a routine, losing all motivation to learn. Regular practice has an positive impact on our motivation to develop. Dedicate5 minutes a week to performing Utture Practice at level one, and you will see how it develops. Practice at level two and three will help you increase your motivation. This practice at this level helps reduce the gap between the real self and the ideal self. The greater the difference in how we perceive ourselves and how we would like to be, the worse we feel and the more our motivation drops. Such a prolonged state can even lead to burnout. Utture Practice will help you to overcome this situation!

How to effectively increase focus at work?

By practicing Utture, you will increase your level of focus and make your work more meaningful. Currently, many people experience permanent distraction, which makes it difficult to achieve their goals. In such cases, it is difficult to maintain motivation and engagement in working towards the goal, even if it is interesting. By practicing Utture, I have noticed that I have increased my awareness of what I spend my time on. After a short time, my brain switches to the mode of searching for valuable actions I can take. This happens in a very subtle and delicate way. The entire process is also very safe from a psychological point of view because I decide which level of difficulty is currently best for me.

To sum up, practicing Utture can bring many benefits to Scrum practitioners and organizations that implement Scrum framework. It allows for effective implementation of Scrum and can help unlock the potential of individuals and teams. By breaking old habits and implementing Scrum effectively, organizations can increase the value of their products and create a workplace where everyone wants to work. Regular practice of Scrum application through Utture practice can also increase motivation, focus, and productivity. Therefore, if you are a Scrum practitioner, it's time to start practicing Utture and unlock your potential.

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